Our Ingredients

At Molecular Sushi, we value quality over quantity. Our Menu is focused in around 8 rolls, each of them concocted by a specific molecular method.

Molecular gastronomy is about changing the physical structure of the ingredients whilst maintaining the authentic flavours. We combine organic ingredients with our extensive knowledge of mixing flavours to create magical chemical-organic reactions.

Our most famous example is the “olive oil powder”. This represents the method known as "Transformation" where liquids are transformed into solids to create an exciting new ingredient. Another creation of ours is the Malbec wine jelly which represents the method of “Jelification”.

At Molecular Sushi, we love to fuse our kitchen with European luxurious ingredients such as Gold 24 carats. The world famous Swiss add gold into their chocolates; the French into their desserts; and the English into their champagne.

It is now the humble sushi's turn to experience pure luxury! We have transformed the aura of common sushi into a spectacular piece of food art by adding gold, and we are blown away by the results.


During our stay in Japan we were amazed by the Japanese vitality and their stunning eternally young visage.

Instead of having vitamin C or D as daily supplements they consume Collagen and Ginsen. These ingredients represent our method of “Spheriphication” aka “caviar”, so named because of the size and texture of the Collagen and Ginsen obtained following the molecular transformation.